From Despair to Hope

Taming the Human Beast
September 16, 2019
Loving the Body of God
April 17, 2021
Ranchor in the garden

On October 24th, 2020, Ranchor Prime gave a special talk on Spiritual Survival in the Climate Crisis. Ranchor is an artist, author and environmentalist with nearly 50 years of practice in the Krishna Bhakti tradition. We are inspired by his example and by his humble honesty. Ranchor shared his own deep process with spiritual despair and discovering a much deeper faith. “These times feel very grave. There have been many grave times on this Earth, for sure. Yet we ourselves are eternal beings. Through great difficulty, I’ve learned when to turn to a higher power and seek help. At this point, I believe that there is a Divine process unfolding.” Missed it? Watch here: