The Sacred Ecology Eco-Sangas are monthly gatherings where we discuss current environmental issues through the lenses of the teachings of Bhakti-yoga. We will explore how the practice of Bhakti inherently encourages our environmental consciousness. Discussions will lead to practical engagement, where we look at what we can do to become actively involved in making a greener, more spiritually conscious world.

2021 Eco-Sangas (on Zoom)
January 13 – Understanding the Climate Crisis and What to Do About It
February 9 – Just One Action
March 9 – Working with Fear
April 13 – Just One Action
May 11 – Stubborn Optimism
June 9 – Just One Action

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Past Eco-Sangas

June 2020 – Climate Crisis and the Pandemic
October 2019 – Animal Ethics with Krishna Ksetra Swami
September 2019 – Community and Resilience
April 2019 – Servant Leadership
March 2019 – Women and the Earth
February 2019 – Animals and the Anthropocene
January 2019 – Anticipatory Community
December 2018 – Consumerism and the Spiritual Path
November 2019 – Prabhupada’s Earth Ethics
October 2018 – Eco-Spirituality Q&A
September 2018 – Climate Change and Mental Health
August 2018 – Film Screening: The Stolen River
July 2018 – Equal Vision and Animal Ethics
June 2018 – Prasadam and the Food System